Accord Training

Data Analytics Course Provider In SINGAPORE

A 6 Month Lead Generation Campaign on IBF Accredited Course – Data Analytics

Highlights: Average CPC: SGD 2.3 | 3x course registration | Avg impression: 80k

The need:

Accord is one of the leading online training platform for Data Analytics in Singapore. They were among the first to equip companies to think analytically and drive decision-making through data.
Accord was accredited by the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF) in 2018, and is an IBF Standards accredited training provider. Their course, Analytics for Non-analytics Professionals, is accredited under the IBF Standards Training Scheme, which provides funding for direct training costs to organizations and individuals.

The problem:

Accord lacked traction for their IBF Accredited course on Data Analytics. There were hardly any registrations for their live sessions that was conducted twice every month

3X Course Registrations

Our Strategy:

An effective marketing funnel that involved brand awareness, education and lead generation. Focus on industries such as IT, Finance, Defence and etc for a well defined customer classification for targeted ads. Utilizing Linkedin Ads along with Google and Facebook Ads for Lead Generation. 


  • No of campaigns: 16
  • Avg Impression: 80K
  • Average CPC: SGD 2.3
  • Industry Standard: SGD 8
  • We created results with 60% less than industry standards
  • 3X Course Registrations
  • Average customer value of SGD 1,284

Key outcome: Website traffic increased by 4x 


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