SaaS Customer Success Platform 

A 3 Month Brand Launch Campaign Focusing Awareness, SEO & Website Traffic.

Highlights: Average CPC: INR 25 | 3x Demo registrations | Avg impression: 10k

The need:


Zapscale is a Customer Success Platform for B2B SaaS Companies. They provide the deepest customer health analytics with 40 out of the box KPIs and 50 pre built playbooks, business outcome tracking, and fastest 1-day onboarding. The characteristics of ZapScale brand is playful, casual, approachable, friendly, colourful, flexible.

What we did:

After the launch of their website, Zapscale wanted to start off with marketing activities such as SEO, Paid Ads and other organic activities as the brand lacked online presence.

A 3 Month Brand Launch Campaign

Our Strategy:


An effective marketing funnel that involved brand awareness, education and lead generation. SEO strategy that included backlinks, content seeding, article/blog submissions and engaging in discussion forums such as Reddit & Quora. All this coupled with Google Search Ads.


    • Website traffic increased by 2X
    • Avg Impression: 10K
    • Average CPC: INR 25 (India & USA)
    • Industry Standard: INR 240
    • 3X Demo Registrations

    Key outcome: 3x Product Demo Bookings 


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